I started my masters in Computer Science at the lab in September 2013, and fast-tracked towards a PhD in September 2014. I received my BMath Double Honours in Computer Science and Combinatorics & Optimization from the University of Waterloo, and have had software development internships involving machine learning and "big data" at companies such as Google, Amazon, and ContextLogic. I also helped start-up the multi-billion dollar company, Wish, by developing their personalization/relevancy algorithms.

I am interested in understanding how the brain can most effectively represent and process dynamic stimuli. The NEF is a perfect fit for exploring the range of ways this can be accomplished using biologically plausible spiking neurons and synapse models. This understanding is being used to build models that classify dynamic stimuli online, and to build structured representations of low-frequency information, on-the-fly, for use in tasks such as recall/association/prediction.