I started my Masters in Systems Design Engineering in September 2015 with a focus on studying how humans learn cognitive skills from practice. I have published a model of mathematical cognition demonstrating this skill using the Nengo neural simulator. This model replicated behaviour, but I am now researching how to match neural data. Once complete, the model will show the novel benefits of merging cognitive neuroscience and large-scale biological modeling. Specifically, how cognitive neuroscience data can constrain biological models, which in turn give mechanistic explanations (answering not just "how" but "why") of human behaviour.

I previously worked at the CNRG during my last co-op term translating Dan Rasmussen's HRL code from Nengo 1.4 to Nengo 2.0. I also developed a proof of concept GUI for visualising the data I was getting from the model, which then evolved (with the hard work of my lab-mates) into the current Nengo GUI.