Jan Gosmann

PhD candidate

I am a PhD student in Systems Design Engineering at the CNRG. My thesis will be on an integrated model of context, short-term, and long-term memory. Based on existing models a wider variety of behavioural and neural data will be matched. Besides memory, I did some mathematical work on high-dimensional representation in the Neural Engineering Framework.


I completed my Master's degree in Computational Neuroscience at the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin, Germany in 2013. The topic of my thesis was Gaussian Processes for Plume Distribution Estimation with UAVs.

Beforehand, I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Cognitive Computer Science from Bielefeld University, Germany. There my thesis project was the development of A Spatial Sound-based BCI for Robot Navigation.

Research interests

Though I am interested in a variety of topics from computer science, neuroscience, psychology and philosophy, one of my main interests is how higher cognitive functions and general intelligence are realized in the brain and can be reproduced on a computer. Besides the question what the defining features of general intelligence are, this poses also the question how to implement a system adaptable to a variety of tasks.

A related interest of mine is how symbolic processing and connectionism can be unified in a meaningful way. I believe this to be a fundamental aspect to implement “intelligent” systems.



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