• Neural Engineering Framework

    The NEF is the main method we use for constructing neural simulations.

  • Semantic Pointer Architecture

    Semantic pointers are neural representations that carry partial semantic content and are composable into the representational structures necessary to support complex cognition. These pages describe a cognitive architecture based on them. This architecture has been used to build the world's largest functional brain model, Spaun.

  • Cognition

    Research into neural mechanisms behind many cognitive phenomena, including working memory, syntactic generalization, structured representations, associative memory, and more.

  • Motor Control

    Developing a biologically plausible framework for models of neural control of movement.

  • Perception

    Visual recognition and processing, auditory processing, etc.

  • Software

    Software we've developed, support, or use extensively.

  • Theoretical Neuroscience

    Exploring general issues in theoretical neuroscience.

  • Neural Modelling Constants and Constraints

    Important information we often refer to when modelling.

  • Other

    Forays into other research areas.