James Bergstra


James Bergstra is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Waterloo working in the Centre for Theoretical Neuroscience under Chris Eliasmith. His research has focused by turns on visual system models and learning algorithms, hyperparameter optimization, high performance computing, and music information retrieval. He moved to the University of Waterloo from Harvard University where he worked for a year in David Cox's Computer and Biological Vision lab. He completed doctoral studies at the University of Montreal in July 2011 under the direction of Professor Yoshua Bengio with a dissertation on how to incorporate complex cells into deep learning models. In the course of his graduate work he co-developed Theano, an open source optimizing compiler that can make use of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for high-performance computation. He completed a Masters in 2006 under the direction of Douglas Eck on algorithms for classifying recorded music by genre.


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