Peter Blouw

PhD Student


I am a PhD student in the UW Department of Philosophy. I received my BA in English Literature from the University of Guelph (2010), and my MA in philosophy from the University of Waterloo (2011).


My research in the CNRG focuses on various aspects of language processing. Currently, I am working on incorporating multi-word expressions into distributed models of semantics. These models work well for representing the meanings of individual words, but they have not yet been successfully extended to account for the representation of more complex expressions as such word pairs, simple phrases, and sentences. The well-known theoretical challenge associated with this project is to understand how the meanings of complex expressions are related to both the meanings of their constituent parts and the way in which these parts have been combined. The more practical challenge is to develop models that can perform interesting semantic tasks, and at the same time, be integrated with the work being done by other members of the lab.

My other interests include theories of mental representation, theories of concepts, and more broadly, philosophical work in the areas of mind, language, and logic.



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