Aziz Hurzook



University of Waterloo Master of Applied Science (MASc, thesis), 2012 Systems Design Engineering

University of Toronto Honours Bachelor of Science (HBSc), 2010 Chemical Physics (Specialist)

I began my undergraduate training with a leaning to molecular biology. I moved to a chemical physics program for a more quantitative understanding of systems. Models of these systems are best expressed mathematically, and thus I've developed a great appreciation for the art. At Toronto, I was fortunate enough to work in R.J. Dwayne Miller's lab on a project related to the ultrafast laser control of quantum coherent properties of a photosynthetic protein complex that I isolated (LHC-II).

Current Research

I have recently completed my MASc thesis, entitled "A mechanistic model of motion processing in the early visual system", under my supervisor Chris Eliasmith.



Conference and Workshop Papers