Visual recognition and processing, auditory processing, etc.

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Our vision projects

Visual Recognition and Processing

Techniques inspired by biological vision are the state of the art in various application domains

  1. SIFT, GLOH: object recognition
  2. Convolution Neural Network: handwriting digit recognition
  3. Standard model: fast feedforward detection task

We seek to use biological inspirations and hierarchical architectures to attack the problem of achieving better recognition performance.

Specific projects currently include

  • Most feedforward visual models contain engineered or pre-built spatial arrangement, e.g. in the form of receptive fields of the complex cells. We ask if it is possible to learn these arrangements using sensory stimulus.

  • It is well known that class-specific visual data, such as face images of a person under various transformations, lies on a low dimensional manifold embedded in high dimensional space. We ask if it is possible to use hierarchical models to help find functions which project a new sensory input onto class-specific manifolds.

Useful Links and References

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