Spike-based learning of transfer functions with the SpiNNaker neuromimetic simulator

International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 2013

Sergio Davies, Terrence C. Stewart, Chris Eliasmith, Steve Furber


Recent papers have shown the possibility to implement large scale neural network models that perform complex algorithms in a biologically realistic way. However, such models have been simulated on architectures unable to perform real-time simulations. In previous work we presented the possibility to simulate simple models in real-time on the SpiNNaker neuromimetic architecture. However, such models were "static": the algorithm performed was defined at design-time. In this paper we present a novel learning rule, that exploits the peculiarities of the SpiNNaker system, enabling models designed with the Neural Engineering Framework (NEF) to learn transfer functions using a supervised framework. We show that the proposed learning rule, belonging to the Prescribed Error Sensitivity (PES) class, is able to learn, effectively, both linear and non-linear functions.

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