Mapping Arbitrary Mathematical Functions and Dynamical Systems to Neuromorphic VLSI Circuits for Spike-Based Neural Computation

IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS), 2014

Federico Corradi, Chris Eliasmith, Giacomo Indiveri


(Best Paper Honorable Mention) Brain-inspired, spike-based computation in electronic systems is being investigated for developing alternative, non-conventional computing technologies. The Neural Engineering Framework provides a method for programming these devices to implement computation. In this paper we apply this approach to perform arbitrary mathematical computation using a mixed signal analog/digital neuromorphic multi-neuron VLSI chip. This is achieved by means of a network of spiking neurons with multiple weighted connections. The synaptic weights are stored in a 4-bit on-chip programmable SRAM block. We propose a parallel event-based method for calibrating appropriately the synaptic weights and demonstrate the method by encoding and decoding arbitrary mathematical functions, and by implementing dynamical systems via recurrent connections.

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