Narsimha R. Chilkuri

Masters Student in Systems Design Engineering

Jun 2022: Debugging using Orthogonal Descent, Workshop on Updatable Machine Learning, ICML 2022

Oct 2021: Submitted work on scaling laws of LTI systems to ICLR; Started work on non-parametric convolution augmented transformer; (update: iclr rejected)

Aug 2021: MASc Completed.

May 2021: ICML accepted! Started work at ABR!

April 2021: Submitted thesis.

Feb 2021: Submitted work to ICML.

Nov 2020: ICLR

Sept 2020: Submitted work to ICLR.

May 2020: Started using the (modified) LMU for NLP applications.

March 2020: Covid!!

Jan 2020: Started LMU work.

Sept 2019: Started MASc in Systems Design Engineering.

April 2018: Obtained bachelors in Mathematical Physics from the University of Waterloo.


Conference and Workshop Papers

Technical Reports and Preprints