A Mixture-of-Experts Model for Vehicle Prediction Using an Online Learning Approach

International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, 2019

Florian Mirus, Terrence C. Stewart, Chris Eliasmith, Jorg Conradt


Predicting future motion of other vehicles or, more generally, the development of traffic situations, is an essential step towards secure, context-aware automated driving. On the one hand, human drivers are able to anticipate driving situations continuously based on the currently perceived behavior of other traffic participants while incorporating prior experience. On the other hand, the most successful data-driven prediction models are typically trained on large amounts of recorded data before deployment achieving remarkable results. In this paper, we present a mixture-of-experts online learning model encapsulating both ideas. Our system learns at run time to choose between several models, which have been previously trained offline, based on the current situational context. We show that our model is able to improve over the offline models already after a short ramp-up phase. We evaluate our system on real world driving data.

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