Socio-Emotional Robot with Distributed Multi-Platform Neuromorphic Processing

53rd Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems, 2019

Kate Fischl, Adam Cellon, Terrence C. Stewart, Timothy K. Horiuchi, Andreas G. Andreou


Social robotics is a highly useful field that is rapidly growing. Advances in embedded systems and fields like neuromorphic computing provide hardware solutions for the computationally complex models needed to produce realistic, pro-social socio-emotional robots. This work details a robot which executes a simplified amygdala model to determine an emotional state from visual input and a subsequent behavioral response. Each nuclei of this model is processed on a different neuromorphic platform, including the SpiNNaker, Loihi, and Braindrop chips. Although simplified, this robot and its underlying model illustrate a proof of concept for more complicated and biologically-plausible socio-emotional robots.

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53rd Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems


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