On June 1, 2015, nearly two years after its initial release, How to Build a Brain will be available in paperback for $40 (50 CAD). To celebrate, here are some of our favorite pieces of feedback we've received on the book, the research described in the book, and presentations we've given on that research.

My company's CEO told me about this book. I'm almost through my first reading, and it is...humbling. This book contains more information in fewer pages than any other book I have read on the subject. It's an academic text, but it is good if you are hard core enough to read it.

Sam Caldwell, HBB review on amazon.com

The brain is a big thing, and including the whole thing in one book is probably somewhat optimistic... And it is certainly a sign of a good book that you want more, not less. A great read.

Simon Laub, HBB review on amazon.com


Lee Yoon-Kyoung, HBB review on amazon.com

Actually disgusting that the "eBook" is just a scrollable PDF. $60+ for this is just evil. The actual book is great.

Hannu, HBB review on amazon.com

Whoah, that's some Ghost in the Shell shit right there.

Hiratana on Reddit

Nice fellow. Looks like some sort of druid wizard. Extremely intelligent and it does show. Decent lectures.

Anonymous RateMyProfessors.com review of Chris Eliasmith

Chris is the least evasive of the AI researchers I've seen in interviews.

zanyguitar, comment on Singularity 1 on 1 interview

He looks like Aaron Paul's hippie doppelganger

Kwlo Katastasi, comment on TedX talk

I love this guy

Lokazra, comment on TedX talk